ACMA Provides Warnings for Telcos

Now’s not a bad time to be a telco, as long as you’re playing by the rules. As of May 2015, the Australian Communications and Media Authority slapped 24 of Australia’s major telco providers with significant, formal warnings. The warnings came as a result of a failure of these telecommunications providers to lodge required documents […]

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Australia’s New Metadata Laws: Implications for Telcos

Australia’s new metadata regulations came into effect in March 2015. Under the new rules, commercial telcos are to start retaining metadata from October 2015. This data must be kept in encrypted form and secured for two years. These changes were made to allow securities agencies and other law-enforcement bodies access metadata without a warrant. Why […]

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Explaining the Benefits of Cloud Services to Your Customers

The introduction of cloud-based services offers a range of exciting and endless possibilities for business in all sectors. Increased efficiency, better utilisation of resources, increased staff mobility and flexibility, and significant savings on hardware are just some of the benefits of how the integration of cloud computing technologies can improve business operations. While the term […]

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Telcoinabox to provide whitelabel enablement services to Telstra Wholesale

3-year contract to provide white-labelled system and network enablement services for Telstra’s wholesale channel

Telcoinabox will earn development fees and recurring software-as-a-service revenue, driven by increasing customer signups and volume of services provided

Provides strong validation of Telcoinabox’s unique solution to enable brands, telcos and other resellers to provide their customers with a complete telco offering

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Add Telco To Your Customer Offering

Ever considered adding telco to your customer offering? It’s easier than you think. Almost 15 years ago when Telcoinabox started, our idea was simple. Provide a business model that allowed anyone to start their own telco. All they needed was a phone, an internet connection and a computer. Whilst a lot has changed since 2003 […]

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