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Wholesale NBN

Provide business NBN® to your customers. Telcoinabox gives you a fully managed NBN® connection with wholesale pricing, and the option for white-label billing and direct customer support.

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Provide and Manage Business NBN®

Provide options to meet the growing needs of companies with Business NBN® services. Telcoinabox provides you with a range of flexible plans and providers to fulfil the demanding needs of modern workplaces. We support multiple connection types, such as FTTN, FTTP, FTTC, Fixed Wireless, and more.

Advanced Self-Service Support

Our proprietary support portal, Octane, gives you a one-stop-shop for diagnosing and resolving product and network issues. Our advanced self-diagnosis tools allow users to identify issues on the network, streamlining support requests and reducing outage time.

Wholesale Pricing

Never worry about confusing and varying pricing models again. Our pricing doesn’t change based on your customer’s location, allowing you to maintain a simple and easy-to-understand pricing structure.

White-label support and logistics

Streamline and consolidate customer experience. Our customer support is fully white-labelled, allowing you to add your branding to our dedicated support tools. We also provide white-labelled logistics and hardware shipping, so your brand can be seen by customers throughout the entire onboarding process.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Understand and act on customer feedback. Telcoinabox provides multiple data feeds to you, allowing you to gain valuable CX Intelligence to better service your customers. We provide you with tools for insights into data usage volumes, ‘service active’ statuses, fault diagnoses and more.

API Functionality

Build into your existing platform with our two-way API for seamless integration. Telcoinabox can connect directly into your own API, giving you control over ordering and provisioning without the hassle of learning a new platform.

Streamlined Ordering and Provisioning

Connect customers in as little as 15 minutes and eliminate backend ordering. Our automated ordering and provisioning makes it quick and easy to connect new customers. Order through our Octane portal, or your own API.

Network Management

Never worry about network blockages again. Our use of sophisticated capacity planningtools allow us to minimise network congestion and ensure your customers have the best experience possible.

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