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Opticomm internet

Deliver high-speed internet as an Opticomm Retail Service Provider (RSP). Serve 1.5 million Australian homes and businesses connected on the Opticomm network.

Telcoinabox is the easiest way to order, provision and manage Opticomm services. Including wholesale pricing and the option for white label billing.

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Why offer Opticomm internet?

Expand your product range with Opticomm internet

The Opticomm network encompasses housing estates, lifestyle villages, apartment towers, and the former Telstra Velocity network. It can be used to deploy internet, phone, TV, security systems and more.

Expand your market

The Opticomm network connects 1.5m homes and businesses. Including coverage of estates where nbn™ is not available.
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Wow your customers

Deliver internet speeds up to 1 Gbps. Speed tiers and pricing are equivalent to nbn™ with the added reliability of a fibre optic network.

Modern data network

Opticomm services are delivered through Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) connectivity, with minimal reliance on copper and coaxial technology.

Resell Opticomm internet with Telcoinabox

Don’t risk ‘going it alone’ as an Opticomm RSP. Set yourself up for success with a trusted wholesale supplier that can power a full range of telecom services.  

Partner with Telcoinabox for a turnkey wholesale solution, including access to competitive pricing and Opticomm product expertise. Plus, leverage our white label billing platform for easier customer management and invoicing.

End-to-end assistance

Our expert team are on hand to help you check service addresses, as well as for ordering or migrating Opticomm connections.

Wholesale pricing

Benefit from the industry strength of Telcoinbox. Enjoy competitive wholesale rates that help to maximise your margin from day one.

White label billing

Choose to bill your customers through the Telcoinabox platform, with the option for fully managed invoicing and collection.

Compatible devices

Add-on to your Opticomm services with plug-and-play devices. Provide your customers with FTTP compatible modems, routers, and extenders.

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