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If it's a telco product, chances are we have it, and therefore you can sell it. Our longstanding relationships with all of the major telcos allows us to offer a comprehensive suite of products and services that you can resell to your customer base.

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Access ready-to-sell products across NBN®, Mobile, UCaaS and Fibre

Gone are the days of a telco just providing a simple landline and mobile service.

Telcoinabox has an extensive range of products and services to delight your customers with. Via our partnerships with all of Australia's leading carriers, you and your customers will also benefit from a choice of networks on many of our products enabling you to not just sell a product but to sell a product that best meets your customers' requirements.

Teams Calling & Cloud PBX

Deliver world class unified communications with our Teams Direct Routing or Cloud PBX solutions.

Enable external calling (Direct Routing) in Microsoft Teams with Unite Calling. This highly automated solution can save you hours of work when deploying and managing Teams calling.

For SMBs with basic calling needs, ConnectYou is an affordable white label Cloud PBX solution that can be enhanced with desk phones and computer soft phones.

Graphic landline telephone with cloud behind


Deliver high-speed internet as an Opticomm Retail Service Provider (RSP).

The Opticomm network encompasses housing estates, lifestyle villages, apartment towers, and the former Telstra Velocity network. It can be used to deploy internet, phone, TV, security systems and more.

Serve 1.5 million Australian homes and businesses connected on the Opticomm network.

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