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E.Tel - Customer success story

Powering continuous growth and innovation for E.Tel

Established in 1999, E.Tel Communications is one of the first independent telecom and mobile providers to launch in Australia.

The E.Tel story

E.Tel operates in a successful niche, providing local telecom services to many international students, migrants and tourists visiting Australia.

After more than 20 years in business, E.Tel remains a stalwart of the Australian telecom industry, supporting more than 10,000 customers and 80 staff across Australia and Taiwan.

Why choose Telcoinabox?

E.Tel turned to Telcoinabox in 2012, following a multi-year search for a wholesale communications partner, and has remained a loyal customer ever since.

Single wholesale supplier

One of their key selection criteria was the ability to have a single wholesale telecom supplier for their entire product suite. In this regard, Telcoinbox’s broad wholesale telecom product range ticked all the boxes.

Telecom expertise

E.Tel were also impressed by the depth of the Telcoinabox offering, purposely designed to assist smaller telecoms to grow and succeed. This included access to an expert support team via priority phone lines and email, full product training, as well as a dedicated Account Manager.

White label model

Another key requirement was the ability to white label: selling, provisioning and billing telecom services under their unique E.Tel brand.  
Today, this is critical to their success. The white label business model allows E.Tel to stand out from competitors, to build a direct relationship with their customers, control more of their customer experience, and earn a higher profit margin.

Evolving product range depends on Telcoinabox to power a wide range of data and voice services. Given their long business history, product renewal is a constant requirement for E.Tel.

In recent years they have successfully transitioned their customer base from legacy ADSL internet and ISDN to their modern equivalents, such as nbn, high-speed ethernet, and Cloud Phone.  

Powering a decade of success

‍As times and technologies have changed, E.Tel has been able to change too. All the while leveraging new products and capabilities made available by Telcoinabox.

Black and white photograph of James Han - E.Tel

“Telcoinabox have grown alongside our business for over a decade. They care about our customers as much as we do and have adapted to our changing needs. I feel like they are an integral part of our team.”

James Han
Executive Director - E.Tel

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