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ADOP Communications – Customer success story

ADOP Communications focuses on telecom service excellence

Following a 14-year career in telecom, founder Ado Pjevo dreamed of building his own telecom business – and ADOP Communications was born.

As a long-term partner of Telcoinabox, ADOP can deliver a wide range of services to meet the needs of their business and enterprise clients.

The ADOP Communications story

To stand out in a crowded market, ADOP Communications needed to think different. Where the big telcos focused on cost-cutting and offshoring, ADOP would focus on local service and product excellence. This idea is neatly captured in their motto: ‘not just a provider, a partner.’

Serving SMB and enterprise

ADOP provides a full suite of telecom services across Victoria’s diverse business and enterprise landscape. From health care to aged care, schools, local shops, and professional offices.

Key offerings include Hosted Phone and SIP Trunks, IVR voiceover and call answering, broadband and mobile plans.  As well as enterprise-grade services such as fibre internet and managed IT.

Local expert service

What sets ADOP apart is their commitment to expert personal service.

Founder Ado Pjevo explains: “Every customer is backed by a dedicated Account Manager, based locally in Australia, with 24/7 availability should any technical issues arise.”

The ADOP Account Manager is there throughout the customer life. This personal touch is especially important to reduce the risk of downtime during key events like number porting or nbn connection.  

Partnering with Telcoinabox

Five years ago, ADOP turned to Telcoinabox when searching for a white label telecommunications partner.

They wanted a software platform that was easy to use and could be a ‘one stop shop’ for voice, data and mobile services. Telcoinabox ticked all the boxes.

The ease and completeness of the Telcoinabox platform means that ADOP can stay focused on serving their customers.  

System automation takes away the busywork. Customers can be provisioned in a few clicks, and detailed reports are easy to generate, helping them track business performance.

Customer service is important to ADOP too. As a Telcoinabox customer they also receive a dedicated Account Manager and can easily reach expert support teams via phone or email.

In turn, this means ADOP can serve their customers with greater speed, knowledge, and confidence.

“With Telcoinabox we have voice, data and mobile available in one platform - everything our business and enterprise customers need. They are a complete white label solution.

If issues arise, the Telcoinabox support teams often go above and beyond to get problems sorted quickly. This helps us deliver the service excellence that we too promise our customers. ”

Ado Pjevo
Director – ADOP Communications

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