A business model that works.

Whether you're an established telco or IT company looking to extend your product range, or a major brand looking to add a new revenue stream, Telcoinabox has a business model you can profit from.

Telcoinabox gives you everything you need to run your telco...through the one purpose built world class package.

Major enterprises looking to extend their brand with new products

Telco’s looking to add new products or streamline their back office

IT related businesses looking to deliver an integrated telco offering with their IT solutions

Dealers looking for 100% customer ownership and more control

SME or Mid-Market companies looking to add telco to an existing customer offering

Entrepreneurs looking to build Australia's next great telco

Brand Extenders

More and more well-known brands in Australia and around the world are seeing the value in adding telco to their customer offering. Whether your brand is looking to launch as an MVNO, capitalise on the NBN, or launch a multi-product offering, there are many reasons why adding telco to your offering makes sense.

Add a new recurring revenue stream for your brand.

Telco’s enjoy a recurring revenue model. Sign up a customer once and continue to generate revenue from that same customer for the next 12, 24 or 36 months.

Residential customers spend upwards of $100 per month whilst business customers are anywhere from $500 to $10,000 or higher.

Telco products genuinely have the ability to add a significant income stream for brands and Telcoinabox can allow this to happen with relatively low day to day involvement from the brand.

Every consumer and business is a potential customer.

Telco products are in demand and used by everyone in Australia. In other words, every business or consumer is literally a potential customer. Businesses and individuals simply cannot survive without their mobiles or internet connection.

Reliability on communications is continuing to increase and Telcoinabox provides a simple to launch and manage platform for brands to deliver these in demand services to their customer base.

Reduce customer churn.

It’s no secret that the more products you sell into your customer base, the less likely they are to leave you. By providing a high quality, competitively priced range of telco products, you can add value to your offering and help differentiate yours from the competition.

Increase brand awareness.

Extending your brand by introducing telco products such as mobile or NBN allows you to open up new conversations with both existing and new customers. Monthly invoicing to your customers also allows for regular communications to further cross sell your products and keep customers up to date with your company.

Established Telcos

Telcoinabox has provided wholesale telecommunications services to over 500 telcos. Easily access our wide product and services range to grow your telco and streamline your operations. You will hear us state “we have assisted over 500 telcos" quite a lot. We say this with good reason.

Whilst it is something we are very proud of, it is something we also believe means a lot. By assisting such a high number of telcos over the years, Telcoinabox has been able to constantly hone our offering into a solution that we know can make any established telco run more efficiently and ultimately more profitably.

Reliable, Simple to Use Platform.

For us, automation is key and providing a single system that our Service Providers utilise or integrate with their own platform is where it all begins. Telcoinabox’s Octane platform provides integration into all of our carriers, an end to end billing and payments function, customer ‘self-service’, provisioning and order management and a plethora of reporting.

Accurate Billing.

Accurate Billing equals Great Telco in our opinion. Telcoinabox provides a market leading billing service that gives the perfect balance of visibility and control with minimal effort and accuracy. What does that mean? It means our team of dedicated billing analysts will manage the ‘heavy lifting’ of your bill run each month. You still have unadulterated access to Octane at all times.

We manage all the carrier files, delinquents, exceptions, orphan accounts and so on. We ensure your customers are billed correctly, leaving you to spot check the bill run, provide feedback and grow your business. If you prefer to use your existing billing platform, the same principles apply.

Our dedicated team ensure the carriers and Telcoinabox are providing you with accurate and timely files, with a focus on making your bill runs more efficient where possible. 

Capitalise on Decade Long Relationships.

Telcoinabox makes it easy to access new carriers or products. You can use us for one product or carrier or you can use Telcoinabox as your one stop shop, giving you access to all the carriers you need via one easy to manage relationship.

We provide unbiased access to carriers. This allows you to obtain the actual products you want from the carriers you want, instead of those only available from one or two carriers.

By dealing with our carriers for many years in such high volumes, we understand the who and the how of getting things done within the carriers. This ultimately leads to delivering our service providers with high quality support for them and their customers.

Using Telcoinabox to gain access to one or all of the carriers you need can save you and your team an enormous amount of time each day. Telcoinabox gives you access to all the leading carriers, saving you much needed time and providing your customers with an unparalleled choice of leading products. 

Choice of Back Office Services.

By utilising any or all of our Back Office Services, we can assist you in streamlining your operations. Focus more of your time and effort on sales, marketing and areas that will assist the growth of your business. All touchpoints with your customers are 100% white labelled, leaving Telcoinabox invisible to your customers, drawing emphasis to your brand.

IT Providers

The worlds of IT and telco continue to converge. Advances in voice, data and cloud technology have opened up new business opportunities that didn’t exist a few years ago. So if you’re not offering your customer base telco services, you’re missing a great revenue opportunity and an easy way to improve your overall offering.

A single provider.

Businesses generally prefer one ‘trusted advisor’ (or one throat to choke, so to speak) and with the continuing overlap between telco and IT, it makes perfect sense to be a single provider of telco and IT for your clients. 

IT providers adding telco is not all one-way traffic. Telcos are continuing to muscle in on the IT space, including Telstra and Optus and are making large investments into their IT offerings. As a result, the market is fast becoming educated and customers are now open to a single provider for both IT and Telco.

As a non-telco, you risk the likes of Telstra, Optus and many other competitors who have already added IT services to their offerings, taking away businesses from your customers that could rightfully be yours.

For bigger profits, just add telco.

Telco products generate predictable, recurring revenues. Sell once to your customer and receive revenue each month without any further sales activity.

Having a portfolio of Telco products will compliment your IT services and significantly increase the average value of your clients with monthly telco spends varying from $500 to $10,000 or more.

With the explosion in the use of data and the global movement to cloud services, the lines between telco and IT continue to blur and businesses’ needs for telco services will continue to grow for the foreseeable future.

Telco products generate predictable, recurring revenues. Sell once to your customer and receive revenue each month without any further sales activity. Having a portfolio of Telco products will compliment your IT services and significantly increase the average value of your clients with monthly telco spends varying from $500 to $10,000 or more. With the explosion in the use of data and the global movement to cloud services, the lines between telco and IT continue to blur and businesses’ needs for telco services will continue to grow for the foreseeable future.

Become a more valued Trusted Advisor.

The more products you sell into your customers, the less likely they are to leave you. By adding a range of telco products along with your IT services you are instantly adding value for your clients and further differentiating your offer from your competitors.

By having control over products such as your customers internet connection, you can help ensure more areas of their IT environment remain stable while gaining access to Telcoinabox’s support teams for resolving service issues if they are arise.

Telco Dealers

Some telco dealers prefer the easy life. Sign a customer up, hand it over to the carriers, get paid and let the carriers manage it from there. This may sound ok but why do the hard bit, earn the least revenue and end up building someone else’s brand instead of your own. Whether your selling telco or telco hardware such as PBX’s, the premise is identical.

You hold the relationship with the customer, the most valuable part of the equation, and should leverage that to ensure a seamless delivery of your brand offering, as well as maximising the value of your business.

Same easy life, just more profitable.

Telcoinabox makes it easy for dealers to take the next step and become their own telco provider. Think of us as your one-stop Telco shop, where we give you access to all the services and support you need.

Focus on the sales and marketing aspects, gain the control and visibility you need to run a successful telco and leave the back office functions to our national support teams.

By owning the customer, developing your own rate plans, bundling products the way you and your customers want and having access to all of Australia’s leading carriers, you have the ability to significantly improve the revenue and profit derived from each customer.

Say goodbye to decreases in commission plans.

By becoming your own telco, you no longer earn commissions and instead earn the gross margin, just like the carriers. You have a set of wholesale pricing from which to work from and it’s up to you which plans to offer your customers. Having control over your margin gives you comfort on the profit you will make, without worrying that the carrier may change your commission structure at any given moment.

Non-exclusive, works in with your current set up.

Still happy with your current dealership and not looking to make any significant changes? Telcoinabox is non-exclusive, meaning you can sell for your current carriers and set up as a Telcoinabox Service Provider in parallel. Choose one or two products from our wide range to get you started and build the business up slowly and at your own pace.

Business Expanders

Businesses across all industries are seeing more and more competition every day. Telcoinabox's Business Expander solution is designed to help any SME or Mid-Market sized business further differentiate itself from its competition. By adding a range of telco products to your offering, you can further strengthen your customer relationships and add an entirely new revenue stream to your business.

Expand your target market.

Telco products are in use by every business and consumer in Australia. By adding a range of telco products to your offering, you immediately open up one of the largest markets in Australia to not only sell telco to, but also your core offering.

Generate meaningful revenue easily.

Due to the recurring revenue generated by selling telco products, you don't require huge volumes of customers to generate significant revenue opportunities. For example, 100 business customers that sign up to your telco can make a meaningful difference. 

Increase the value of your business.

By introducing both a recurring revenue model and diversifying your offering, your business is immediately more attractive should you ever wish to exit. Many telco services are contracted for 24 months or more, giving potential buyers a sense of comfort knowing all or part of the revenue that exists when they buy the business will still be there in to the future.

Start Ups

It all starts with a great idea for a telco. Not just any telco – there are thousands of those in Australia alone (and we’ve helped to start hundreds of them) – but something that hasn’t been done before. This is where we made our name – empowering entrepreneurs with a background in sales and sales management, with a great idea to become successful telcos.

The right stuff.

For the right individuals, Telcoinabox provides a turn key platform to leverage an extensive range of leading telco products with little or no background in telco.

Telecommunications is a highly competitive industry that requires differentiation in your offering above anything. It takes more than a list of contacts and a phone to grow a telco these days.

Relationships with buying groups and associations, over the top technologies to bundle in with our services, a deep understanding and network of contacts within a specific industry vertical are just some of the highly desirable assets that could help you in succeeding to grow a telco from scratch.

Recurring revenue.

Every business owner hopes that whatever they sell to a customer will keep them coming back for more. With telco, that is certainly true. Sell to the customer once, yet invoice them 12, 24 or 36 times depending on the contract they sign with you.

With telecommunications use increasing every year, customers are now spending significant amounts of money which when coupled with the recurring revenue model present a great business opportunity.

The world is your oyster.

Well, Australia is at least. With the explosive use of mobiles, NBN, the cloud and more, every consumer and business is a potential customer. Telcoinabox has a market leading portfolio of products including mobile, wholesale NBN, DSL, business grade Ethernet and fibre, SIP, Cloud PBX, fixed voice and inbound.

Everything is backed up by our Octane platform which gives you access to activate, monitor and manage your services.


We were looking for a business model that provided an ongoing revenue stream, was scalable and not restricted or limited to a specific location. Telcoinabox met all these requirements, however what inspired us to choose Telcoinabox was the passion and commitment that was evident among the team. This holds true today and is a key factor in our continued partnership with Telcoinabox.

Brent O’Shaughnessy , Managing Director - Oracle Telecom

What drives us is the genuine satisfaction we get from solving frustrated customers’ demands. This is an industry where people easily feel frustrated and underserviced. This is the most rewarding part of the business. The residual income is also very appealing, to know what you have built up in one month won’t change the next and you can continually grow from there. We were impressed with Telcoinabox and the way they did business. They provide a good foundation for setting up a business while providing a sense of certainty.

Rich & Steve Boothby , Directors - Switch Telecom

We originally joined the industry because we recognised there was an opportunity to offer better customer service than the large telcos. The nature of the industry has changed considerably since the naughties. What we did back then is chalk and cheese to what we offer today. These days a service provider requires a clear understanding of IP telephony and technology to succeed, as well as add value through excellent customer care. The best thing about Telcoinabox is that the back-office support is rock solid and that the management team has an on eye on your business’ future and where it needs to go.

Barry Ford , Managing Director - Powercom Pacific