World Class Platform.

As a Telcoinabox partner, as well as best of breed training and support, you'll have access to Octane, our proprietary customer service, ordering and billing platform. We've been working on this system for over 14 years, and Octane is considered by experts to be world class.

Octane is everything you need to run your telco in the one purpose built world class platform.

Running a telco is complicated enough, without also having to build software and systems around billing, provisioning, and customer management. Thankfully with Telcoinabox, you don't have to worry about that.

The idea to design and build own purpose-built, all in one telco management platform was hatched many years ago after scouring the world looking for such a system. Needless to say, we didn't find one so we built Octane, our very own. 

The launch of Octane continued to demonstrate our commitment to innovation and the simplifying of running a telco. We are proud to say Octane is a world class telco management platform, and if you take full advantage of what it has to offer, it will give you incredible value in time and efficiency savings.

All-in-one service provisioning

Octane allows seamless set up and management of your new customers.

Fully Connected

Octane is integrated with all the major telcos.

Octane is fully integrated with our carriers’ networks to provide you and your customers access to fast and accurate order processing and a seamless customer experience.

Our team is also available to provide day-to-day support, acting as a link between your team and the carriers. ​

Provisioning, any way you like

New services can be provisioned by your team, by your customer, or by the Telcoinabox team!

Flexibility is key when setting up a new service for a customer, and Octane gives your team full access to provision customer orders. For certain products, customers can also self-provision using a fully branded online signup form. For those with an existing billing platform, you can integrate with Octane via a range of web service API's.

In addition, Telcoinabox provides a paid provisioning service where our team of provisioning experts are happy to set up all the services required by your new customers.

Full Reporting & Support

Sometimes things go awry, and we're here to help.

All our provisioning options come with online reporting and access to the provisioning team for support and help with troubleshooting customer orders.

Our support teams have years of experience, and in most cases, will be able to resolve issues very quickly. For those rare occasions requiring escalation, we have excellent relationships with our partner carriers, and often can get swift access to premium support.

Tried and tested fully integrated billing platform

A happy customer depends on a seamless billing system.

Proven to be solid as a rock

Cashflow is the lifeblood of your business, and your billing system needs to be tried and true.

Octane has been the subject of serious time, dedication, and money since its launch many years ago. In fact, our specialist systems team of over 30 experts have performed 170+ monthly bill cycles, honing the system to be world class.

Our team of analysts and developers constantly work to improve accuracy and usability – each and every billing cycle. That’s the sort of billing system your business needs.. free of headaches!

Genuine Premium Service

Fully managed billing service coupled with complete visibility and control for you.

Our dedicated billing team follows a proven process to ensure accurate billing to you and your customers. The team monitors product margins and revenue to help assist with the discovery of billing errors (before customers see them). 

In addition, the team provides feedback to Service Providers to improve rate plan profitability and provides general support via online ticketing, email or phone.  The entire billing process is managed by us yet Telcoinabox gives your business unadulterated access to the platform, your customer accounts and reporting tools 24/7. 

Pay any way you like

Full integration with all the major billing platforms.

Octane provides your telco with a complete payment solution, that is fully and securely integrated with our billing partners. Your customers will have the ability to pay for BPAY, Direct Debit, Australia Post, or by credit card, online or over the phone.

Octane billing is flexible

Already have a billing system in place? No worries.

Using Octane as your provisioning platform will allow your business to get the access you need to all our carriers via one simple interface. A range of web service APIs enable you to integrate your billing platform directly with Octane. This integration allows for straight-through provisioning and billing for you and your customers.

We’ll ensure that all usage records from all carriers are made available to you via FTP in a timely manner. In most cases, we provide call/usage data to our Service Providers within 24 hours of receipt from the carrier. For some products, including mobile, it can often be sooner.


We were looking for a business model that provided an ongoing revenue stream, was scalable and not restricted or limited to a specific location. Telcoinabox met all these requirements, however what inspired us to choose Telcoinabox was the passion and commitment that was evident among the team. This holds true today and is a key factor in our continued partnership with Telcoinabox.

Brent O’Shaughnessy , Managing Director - Oracle Telecom

What drives us is the genuine satisfaction we get from solving frustrated customers’ demands. This is an industry where people easily feel frustrated and underserviced. This is the most rewarding part of the business. The residual income is also very appealing, to know what you have built up in one month won’t change the next and you can continually grow from there. We were impressed with Telcoinabox and the way they did business. They provide a good foundation for setting up a business while providing a sense of certainty.

Rich & Steve Boothby , Directors - Switch Telecom

We originally joined the industry because we recognised there was an opportunity to offer better customer service than the large telcos. The nature of the industry has changed considerably since the naughties. What we did back then is chalk and cheese to what we offer today. These days a service provider requires a clear understanding of IP telephony and technology to succeed, as well as add value through excellent customer care. The best thing about Telcoinabox is that the back-office support is rock solid and that the management team has an on eye on your business’ future and where it needs to go.

Barry Ford , Managing Director - Powercom Pacific