SIP Trunks


SIP Trunks gives business the latest in voice calling technology by utilising their grade Internet connection through our premium network infrastructure. It is a feature-rich solution; offering telephone numbers, incoming call capability, and outbound calling capability, alongside being reliable, quickly provisioned, cost-effective, flexible and scalable.



While the exit of ISDN is certainly the end of an era, the future of voice communications is even more exciting as new opportunities to improve communication and productivity with the migration to IP telephony and Unified Communications open up. These options require fundamental changes to the underlying infrastructure, to enable the convergence of voice and data over the IP-based LAN and WAN. This requires moving away from legacy services such as ISDN to maximise and optimise the features available.

Don’t get left behind, SIP Trunks provide the quality and reliability
of traditional phone lines. Only, at a fraction of the cost leveraging
the latest voice technologies.


SIP Trunks for Service

Wholesale Call Packs available
Telcoinabox provides a cost model that includes wholesale call bundles including local, national and calls to mobile calls wrapped up in a single low monthly licence fee.

End to end solution
By utilising Telcoinabox for SIP, Cloud PBX, handsets and connectivity, Service Providers can minimise interoperability issues.

100% white labelled
Branded by you and supported by Telcoinabox’s national team to ensure smooth setup, ongoing management, billing and customer care.


SIP Trunks for Your

  • Easy to manage
    Simplify moves, adds and changes to your service. Have one provider with one bill and one point of contact. Receive 24/7 local support to minimise hassles and improve business productivity.

  • Streamline infrastructure
    Simplify moves, adds and changes to your service. Have one provider with one bill and one point of contact. Receive 24/7 local support to minimise hassles and improve business productivity.

  • Independence of access network
    SIP Trunking is carried over IP networks, meaning SIP Trunking is independent of the access network type. SIP Trunking can be carried over copper, fibre and wireless access networks and as a result is the preferred form of carrying voice traffic over fibre networks.

  • Gain greater flexibility
    SIP Trunking enables more cost-effective least-cost routing (LCR) and provides a far more effective and flexible disaster recovery option. It also allows greater flexibility with growth by using our Cloud Infrastructure and Network solutions.

  • Disaster recovery
    Enhance resilience. In the occasion of any event or emergency, calls can be forwarded on to other destinations almost instantly with no associated forwarding costs.

  • Secure
    A properly configured SIP channel will allow you to handle you own connectivity via dedicated firewalls built in, which is in turn managed by SIP channel maintainers or Service Providers

  • Call quality
    SIP Trunking uses private IP connections specifically designed to carry voice, and as such come with Quality-of-Service guarantees. SIP Trunks, therefore, can deliver better call quality than ISDN

  • Reduce tariffs by moving to IP based communications
    SIP allows traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN) gateways to be retired and migrated to SIP Trunking. This creates significant cost saving opportunities on IDD charges and reduces the ongoing tariffs associated with maintaining legacy platforms.

  • Scalability
    SIP channels can be expanded and removed quickly, and at low cost, with SIP ensuring that the needs of growing global organisations can be met quickly and effortlessly. SIP channels can also be aggregated allowing resources to be shared between individual’s sites and branches as needed.


Migrate Your ISDN Now

If you have an ISDN line, it is important that you know that all ISDN lines will be gradually disconnected by 2020 as per the schedule below:

  • Full cease sale on new or additional ISDN services for all customers.
    Ordering a new ISDN service will no longer be available. Customers will still be able to make configuration, software and record changes to existing services.

  • Disconnection will commence for existing ISDN connections.
    Starting from June 2019, existing ISDN services will start to be disconnected. This will be occurring in a phased approach and will follow NBN Co’s rollout region disconnection timeframe.

  • All ISDN connections will be disconnected, and the entire ISDN network will be decommissioned.

Acting now will ensure you are taking advantage of the benefits of SIP Trunking plus avoiding future disconnections that may disrupt your business. Thankfully, a solution exists that is more cost effective and time efficient than ISDN.