The Telcoinabox Story

Way back in 2003, the Telcoinabox founders took a long hard look at the Telco industry. We found the major carriers were providing a service that made it almost impossible for individuals or companies to launch their own telco and compete easily in the Australian market place.

We Decided to Change Things 

Whether it was individuals or companies looking to start up a telco or established telcos that had been running for years, things always seemed to be harder than they should be. From systems that took months and months to integrate with, support teams that only spoke in engineering language, or onerous minimum spend requirements, it was never easy.

We had previously run successful telcos in the past. We knew what ingredients were required to make things easier for both aspiring entrepreneurs wishing to break into telco as well as the existing telcos already dealing with the major carriers on a daily basis. Running a telco is not easy, some days it’s far from it, but we thought we can certainly simplify the back end operations and allow service providers to do what they really wanted to and that was focusing on growing their business.

And that’s when Telcoinabox was born.

500+ telcos later, we are now Australia's leading wholesale telco aggregator.

Since day one we have always innovated and found new ways to help telcos grow their business. From an ever expanding portfolio of products and services to system automation, we continue to simply make things easier for our Service Providers to do business every day. Operating as a white label model enables our clients to establish or broaden their own brand identity and market presence.

Telcoinabox has agreements with Australia's largest wholesale telecommunications providers. This, in addition to our comprehensive back office services, and Octane, our world class billing, provisioning & customer management platform have allowed us to build a business that truly has democratised the business of being a telco.


We were looking for a business model that provided an ongoing revenue stream, was scalable and not restricted or limited to a specific location. Telcoinabox met all these requirements, however what inspired us to choose Telcoinabox was the passion and commitment that was evident among the team. This holds true today and is a key factor in our continued partnership with Telcoinabox.

Brent O’Shaughnessy , Managing Director - Oracle Telecom

What drives us is the genuine satisfaction we get from solving frustrated customers’ demands. This is an industry where people easily feel frustrated and underserviced. This is the most rewarding part of the business. The residual income is also very appealing, to know what you have built up in one month won’t change the next and you can continually grow from there. We were impressed with Telcoinabox and the way they did business. They provide a good foundation for setting up a business while providing a sense of certainty.

Rich & Steve Boothby , Directors - Switch Telecom

We originally joined the industry because we recognised there was an opportunity to offer better customer service than the large telcos. The nature of the industry has changed considerably since the naughties. What we did back then is chalk and cheese to what we offer today. These days a service provider requires a clear understanding of IP telephony and technology to succeed, as well as add value through excellent customer care. The best thing about Telcoinabox is that the back-office support is rock solid and that the management team has an on eye on your business’ future and where it needs to go.

Barry Ford , Managing Director - Powercom Pacific