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Ztel – Customer success story

Ztel delivers an
A+ customer experience

Founded by telecom industry veterans, Ztel is a trusted business and enterprise telecom provider based in Melbourne.

Through expert service and value, Ztel is a fast-growing provider that stands out from the major networks.

The Ztel Story

Ztel offers a diverse suite of business telecom services including Cloud PBX and SIP Trunks, business internet and mobile plans. In recent months they have added inbound services and Teams calling, to support the needs of larger businesses.

As a challenger business, Ztel relies upon white label reseller products to expand their product range and keep pace with the market. Much of their product suite is delivered through the Telcoinabox software platform.

Self-service control for better customer experience

Ztel came to Telcoinabox after having outgrown their previous wholesale supplier. With their previous supplier, ZTel did not have self-service capability or direct control over their customers. Every back-office task – from porting to provisioning, and even billing, required a slow and manual process.

Since moving to Telcoinbox, Ztel can operate as a white label telecom – rather than a telecom dealer. They can now directly bill and manage their customers. They have full control over plans and pricing – with the flexibility to tailor rates as needed.

In addition, thanks to Telcoinabox’s mobile, voice and data network integrations, routine tasks like number porting or SIM provisioning, can be completed faster. No more slow manual processes.

Backed by expert support and proven products

Of course, this is all backed by a robust wholesale support relationship. Should Ztel have any service issues, expert technical knowledge is just a call (or click) away. So they have the confidence to bring even more new and innovative services to their customers.  

In turn, Espressonet can offer their customers business phone services with a combination of value, features and customer service. A special brew that the big telcos just can’t match.

"Telcoinabox gives us a product set that competes with the best in today’s market. We can confidently offer a full telecom suite including mobile, internet and voice.

Telcoinabox has never let us down. We are confident in their white label products and know that expert support is always there if something goes wrong. We sleep soundly at night knowing that any issues will be swiftly dealt with and resolved. ”

Roy Behl
General Manager- Ztel

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