Telcoinbox Success Stories.

As a Telcoinabox partner, as well as best of breed training and support, you'll have access to Octane, our proprietary customer service and telco management software. We've been working on these systems for over 14 years, and Octane is considered by experts to be world class.

"Gives you total control over your customer"

Peak Connect

Founder Jeff Peak started Peak Connect in 2014 after having worked for 19 years with Telstra as a telecommunications technician, and now has over 150 customers!


"Saves us time and makes us profitable"


A growing national telco, Telcoinabox is helping blueSkyTel to leveraging the once in a lifetime opportunity of assisting customers with their move to the NBN network.


"Cares about customers as much as we do.."


Established in 1999, eTel was one of the first service providers to launch in the Australian market. Now a true success story they have over $7.2 million per year in billing revenue.


"Provides a sense of certainty"

Switch Telecom

Melbourne born brothers, Richard and Steven Boothby launched Switch Telecom in 2009 with the idea that they would build something with no limits on growth.


"Commitment was evident "


Melbourne-based, managing director Brent O’Shaughnessy built the business from a start up to create a national company with over 2000 business customers Australia wide.


"the Telcoinabox back office is rock solid"


Founded by Barry Ford, PowerCom has grown from strength to strength largely due to the company following a well planned acquisition path to grow the business.



We were looking for a business model that provided an ongoing revenue stream, was scalable and not restricted or limited to a specific location. Telcoinabox met all these requirements, however what inspired us to choose Telcoinabox was the passion and commitment that was evident among the team. This holds true today and is a key factor in our continued partnership with Telcoinabox.

Brent O’Shaughnessy , Managing Director - Oracle Telecom

What drives us is the genuine satisfaction we get from solving frustrated customers’ demands. This is an industry where people easily feel frustrated and underserviced. This is the most rewarding part of the business. The residual income is also very appealing, to know what you have built up in one month won’t change the next and you can continually grow from there. We were impressed with Telcoinabox and the way they did business. They provide a good foundation for setting up a business while providing a sense of certainty.

Rich & Steve Boothby , Directors - Switch Telecom

We originally joined the industry because we recognised there was an opportunity to offer better customer service than the large telcos. The nature of the industry has changed considerably since the naughties. What we did back then is chalk and cheese to what we offer today. These days a service provider requires a clear understanding of IP telephony and technology to succeed, as well as add value through excellent customer care. The best thing about Telcoinabox is that the back-office support is rock solid and that the management team has an on eye on your business’ future and where it needs to go.

Barry Ford , Managing Director - Powercom Pacific