Training & Accreditation

Don’t learn the hard way

As products and customers’ requirements have both become more complex, Telcoinabox has continued to innovate and provides a range of training and accreditation courses to our Service Providers to help them keep pace with the everchanging telco landscape.

So whether you’re a start-up, looking to add telco products to your existing customer offerings, or an established telco who wants to increase or improve your current telco business, by partnering with Telcoinabox you’ll immediately benefit from our training and accreditation programs.

Start-ups and newcomers to the telco industry

During our two day Induction training you will be exposed to one of the industry’s leading training programs for those new to the world of telco.

 Based in our Sydney office, the 2 day program covers:

  • Introduction to the telco industry
  • Features and benefits overview of our product range
  • Billing 101 – How does telco billing work
  • Compliance – what you need to know to remain compliant
  • Systems overview – how to order services and get the most from our ‘Octane’ platform


Established Telcos

Bespoke training sessions are available for Established Telcos and can be held at either Telcoinabox offices around Australia or at your own business location.

Bespoke sessions are designed to fill in the gaps on any new products or processes your business isn’t currently exposed to. Our training team can take you through tips and tricks for provisioning, billing and management for the new products Telcoinabox is supplying you. Training and accreditation will also assist in any migration plan to ensure your team is well equipped for the smooth transition of existing customer services.

Designed to cover:

  • How to get the most out of your Telcoinabox relationship
  • Products – the Telcoinabox differences
  • Tips and tricks for provisioning, billing and management of new products
  • Planning for migrations of mass services


Accreditation Program

Telcoinabox has developed a unique accreditation program for its Service Providers to ensure those that need it have a deep understanding of the more complex or technical products on offer.

The Accreditation program is available online and includes modules for:

  • Cloud PBX
  • NBN
  • Business Grade Connectivity
  • Cloud Services


Online Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base gives you online access to thousands of articles covering areas including products, systems, marketing, industry and compliance, sales, customer care, technical support and more. Our team are constantly adding articles and updates, so you’ll have continued access to the ever-changing world of the telecommunications industry.


Ad-hoc Webinars and Refresher Courses

Regular webinars provide bite-sized training sessions for your business and can be attended at no cost. Those wishing to attend Induction Training for a second time are also able to do so at no cost. We encourage continued or ‘top up’ training wherever possible.