Marketing Support

Marketing your business is made easier with Telcoinabox’s Marketing Toolkit.
Whether you are just starting out or have been running your telco for years, you can never spend enough time on marketing your business. To lighten the burden, we have produced a range of white-label marketing collateral to help make acquiring new customers and maintain existing ones easier than ever.

Pick and choose what you need depending on your requirements, just drop in your logo and contact details, further customise if appropriate and they are ready to use.

Marketing Toolkit
Much like our product range, the Marketing ToolKit is extensive. This range of collateral provides guidance and inspiration for those that need it or additional options for those telcos with collateral already in place.

The Toolkit includes:

  • Product Brochures
  • Billing Template
  • Bill Insert Templates
  • Bill Explainer Template

Fast Lane Initiatives
Fast Lane Initiatives are Telcoinabox’s ready-made promotional campaigns. Designed specifically to assist Service Providers increase revenue, these campaigns allow Service Providers to simply drop in their logo and contact details on existing campaign EDMs or bill inserts and market special offers to their customers. Send them out yourself or we can manage it for you via our standard billing service.

Often with a financial incentive included from Telcoinabox to the Service Provider, Fast Lane Initiatives not only provide simple and effective tools for marketing to your customer base, they also provide additional funding to keep your marketing costs down.