Keep pace with telecommunications industry regulations

Time spent on compliance tasks can take you out of building your business.  But in the world of telecommunications, regulatory compliance is vital to keeping your business running. Solid compliance lowers overheads, reduces worry, and when the time comes, increases the resale value of your business.


Telcoinabox has pioneered ‘Compliance as a Service’ in the telco industry. Our Legal and Regulatory team have worked closely with industry bodies including the TIO, ACMA and CommCom to help simplify the huge complexity of operating within the law in today’s telco industry.


The bulk of retail telecommunications obligations are found in the “TCP Code” (Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code) and Privacy Act but the compliance burden is growing, with Data Retention, network security obligations, fair trading law revisions, data breach notifications… the list goes on.

TCP Code Compliance Pack

Telcoinabox has created an industry-approved set of operational templates for you to use to become TCP Code compliant. Spend hours, not weeks, customising the pack and operate your business within the law.

Automated Spend Management Alerts

MVNO’s (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) and all providers of mobile services must update end users at various intervals regarding their data usage, and flag when they are roaming internationally.

Telcoinabox’s mobile services utilise Telstra Wholesale’s Wholesale Mobile Evolution (WME) platform. Our integration with the WME platform provides Service Providers with a fully managed Spend Management Function.


  • All required alerts are sent automatically to your end users
  • Easily set up individual credit limits to eliminate “bill shock”
  • Quickly manage end user spend preferences via our Octane platform


Critical Information Summaries (CIS) Compliance Pack

With the introduction of the TCP code came the need for CIS’s. An industry wide set of information that Service Providers must have available on their website for prospective and existing customers to access. Critical Information Summaries display key information related to your offers, so customers understand what they are signing up for and what is included in their plan of choice.

As with the TCP Pack, our CIS Pack allows Service Providers to customise the relevant CIS’s with their relevant company and plan details to have a comprehensive suite of CIS’s within a few hours.

More information about the TCP Code can be found here.

Data Retention as a Service

The well publicised “metadata” or data retention laws have placed a direct responsibility on telecommunications Service Providers to keep and secure customer usage records in unprecedented volumes.

Enter Telcoinabox. Part of our service offering includes the ability to outsource your metadata requirements to us. More time selling, less time wrangling with data and government agencies or worse – not having the information when an agency needs it.

More information about Data Retention laws can be found here.


Stay informed

We’ll also keep you up to date with information and advice on changes relating to the TCP Code, Data Retention laws and other relevant regulatory and compliance matters.

Ultimately, our aim is to well and truly tick the compliance box. We’ll do our best to unburden you, untangle the red tape and let you keep your business growing at full compliance.