Support & Training Services

You can rest assured that you will get all the support and training necessary for you to provide your own telecommunications services and advice on how to best sell them to your existing customers. All the tools and models are provided to you so you can understand what margins you can expect and what it could bring to your bottom line.


We’ve created and refined an internal training program for all our service providers to take them through the highlights and hurdles of the business. Straight talk and streamlined processes are presented in workshops, webinars and online tutorials. You’ll also find refreshing inspiration at our annual sales conference.

Telcoinabox service providers receive a comprehensive training program before commencing their Telco business. This takes the form of a two-week course at the Telcoinabox head office in Sydney, for those new to the industry, or two days for existing Telco experienced operators.

The programme covers:

  • Telecommunications Industry Compliance
  • Product Training
  • Systems and Process Training
  • Business Analysis Tools
  • Business Management
  • Sales and Marketing Plans

By the end of the program the Service Provider will be equipped with the tools, knowledge and information needed to successfully launch their telco business.

Account Management

This team is responsible for supporting our clients, driving the business growth and profitability of each Service Provider. You will be allocated a dedicated Account Manager to work with you on your business and who will be your advocate within Telcoinabox. The team focuses on achievement of the four pillars of success in a telco:

  1. Get the customer (revenue)
  2. Keep the customer (churn)
  3. Collect the money (collections)
  4. Do it profitably (margin)

Product Development

This team is responsible for helping you to sell the right products to the right customers at the right price. This includes the procurement and launch of new products and services for our service providers to sell, as well as the management and development of our existing product portfolio. They’re available to help our Service Providers on any matter of Product Development.

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