Wholesale Suppliers

Over the last decade Telcoinabox has built strong relationships with Australia’s leading networks.

Telcoinabox is carrier agnostic which allows our service providers to access a wider range of products whilst only needing to maintain a single relationship with Telcoinabox.

Our wholesale suppliers include-:

Telstra Wholesale

Telstra Wholesale is Australia’s leading supplier of wholesale telecommunications services and provides Telcoinabox with fixed line, ISDN, DSL, mobile and data services in addition to voice and broadband services delivered via the National Broadband Network. (NBN)

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Optus Wholesale

Optus is the second largest telecommunications company in Australia and provides Telcoinabox with competitive ISDN, Mobile and Inbound 13/1300/1800 services.

AAPT Wholesale

As Australia’s third largest telecommunications provider and a subsidiary of TPG Telecom, AAPT provides Telcoinabox with Mid Band Ethernet providing competitive high bandwidth connectivity nationally.

Engin Wholesale

Engin is a leading IP Voice provider powering Telcoinabox Hosted Voice service which includes SIP based telephony services including virtual PABX and SIP Trunks.

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