Hosted VOIP Reseller Services

Wholesale SIP Trunks

Wholesale SIP Trunks

Saving money is an increasing driver for many Australian SMEs today. However many have invested considerable cash and resources in PBX technology that they are not quite ready to retire. Fortunately these types of customers and their specific needs can still be catered for using our SIP Trunk product which acts as an ISDN replacement. If they have multiple company sites, they will even benefit from free on-net calls. This service is also something that can be provisioned on demand, which complements the profile of SME’s scalable and flexible nature. Service Providers interested in this product will enjoy the online management portal and easy provisioning process.

Wholesale MyPBX

Our Hosted PBX product – MyPBX – is also available. This product has been designed specifically for SME businesses that are looking to upgrade from legacy PABX systems to a technically advanced, feature rich IP based telephony system. These customers will also benefit from lower management costs because the system is managed online. Hardware is pre-provisioned, making installations very simple and stress-free for your customers. Customers also benefit from an advanced call management plugin that they can use to determine how their calls are answered while they are on the go as well as from other productivity enhancing applications like Fax2Email, Call Centre and Reception Management. Service Providers interested in selling this product are supported with an entire training package covering all aspects of the product including selling, provisioning and managing MyPBX.

Wholesale VoIP

Telcoinabox’s residential VOIP product allows your customers to make and receive calls via their computer by using any internet connection, which means significantly reducing your customers’ monthly bills. The service can be set up in a matter of seconds and while IP phones can be provided, the service operates with most versions of free VOIP software on the market. The product comes with an indial number for people to call in on as well as voicemail which can be collected online.

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