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Want to control your own destiny? Why not take the next step and become a full service telco. Telcoinabox removes the barriers to setting up and running your own telecommunications company. We are a one-stop shop, supplying all the services and support you need.

Build Your Own Brand

By providing a ’white label’ telco, Telcoinabox enables you to develop and operate your own business. You build your brand, not someone else’s. You choose your own business model and determine your own pricing structure.

Telcoinabox can take care of the ‘heavy lifting’, such as provisioning and customer service, enabling you to concentrate on adding customers and generating recurring revenue. We’re a pure wholesaler, with no retail channel, so we don’t compete with you.

You’re in Control

Telcoinabox enables you to sell and manage more services. We help improve your customer opportunities via access to our full suite of products and competitive wholesale pricing. You’re no longer limited by what your carrier is offering.

From making the sale to collecting the money, the customer relationship belongs to you. Meanwhile you build your own asset and maximise your returns.

We Make it Easy

With a single point of contact and using one system, you have access to the major carriers and an expanded product range, making it easy for you to focus on what you do best.

Our sophisticated merchant facilities combined with our customer management platform, product development and support teams reduce time and money spent on administration. Telcoinabox bills your customers under your name and we process payments at our end. So with us doing the ‘heavy lifting’, you can focus on your customers.

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Control your own Destiny, Own your own Customers and Brand. Request a confidential discussion now.


"There's nothing like it! Flexibility and opportunity attracted us to become a Telcoinabox franchisee. Once we were up and running, I even took a month off for our honeymoon and managed the business entirely online."

- James Rowden, 2easy Telecom

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