Start-up Business

Telcoinabox enables anyone with a strong sales orientation to run their own telco company. It’s that simple. All you need is a phone and a computer. That’s why it’s the ideal start-up opportunity for motivated individuals and businesses with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Your Own Brand

Telcoinabox is a unique system where you develop your own brand while using our state-of-the-art systems and processes. We know it works, because we’ve been refining Telcoinabox for more than 10 years and we’ve launched it in multiple worldwide markets.

We make the complex simple, so while you focus on getting customers, we provide:

  • access to the major carrier networks
  • combined purchasing power
  • products
  • systems and processes, including one-stop billing and provisioning
  • support and training.

A Growing Market

Everyone uses telco products every day, so everyone is a potential customer. Telecommunications is a recession-resistant industry worth more than $40 billion annually — and it’s growing fast! There are no territories or geographical boundaries, and with your own brand, you aren’t competing with retail operations or ‘company stores’.

Through your partnership with Telcoinabox you can leverage all our products and services at competitive wholesale rates. This means that with minimal effort, expense and personnel, you can generate strong financial returns. You bring in a customer just once, and they use your business month after month while you receive recurring revenue.

A Lifestyle Choice

If you’re motivated and ambitious, a Telcoinabox start-up telco can enable you to live the life you choose — or dream of. You can be your own boss and use your entrepreneurial skills to build your own brand and your own business. You’ll have the flexibility to work from home, or anywhere with a computer and phone, and to work when and how you want.

An Award-winning System

Our success has been recognised by a number of awards:

  • BRW Fast Franchises (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012)
  • Fast Starter (2008)
  • Fast 100 (2007)
  • Smart Company (2010)
  • Great Places to Work (2011).

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"Being a Telcoinabox Service Provider has helped me sustain the lifestyle I have always endeavoured to have. I like the flexibility and the fact that I can still spend time with my family and still be able to run my business."
- Your Local Telecom. Case Study

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