Core Values

  • No Bullshit – In an industry with so much jargon, we believe in simple straightforward language. We talk straight with our customers, employees and suppliers and we expect them to do the same in return
  • Not doing a half-arsed job – If something is worth doing it’s worth doing well. We don’t accept conventions and rules because “that’s the way it works”. Our dress code is casual but our attitude isn’t. Put simply, we don’t do “that’ll do”.
  • Giving a shit – We know our success is dependent on our people and our service providers but we actually give a shit about them too. Why? Because we know them, we like them, and we think of them as family. And yes we said “shit”. Straight talking. Like us.
  • Having some fun – Sure, we’re here to build really successful businesses, but we’re also human and we think people work best when they’re happy. So let’s have a little fun while we do it.

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"I don’t feel that anyone is just a number, everyone is treated the same, and all opinions are listened to and acted on where possible"
Quote from a Telcoinabox employee from our annual staff survey

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