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Telcoinabox is Australia’s largest and longest running wholesale only telecommunications aggregator. With over 200 wholesale service providers as part of our group we have a model to suit every need. 

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Start Up

Do you have a proven track record in sales or a database of potential customers?

Telcoinabox enables anyone to run their own telco company. It’s that simple. All you need is a phone, internet connection and a computer. That’s why it’s the ideal start-up opportunity for motivated individuals and businesses. Igniting that spirit and fuelling it is what we do best. 

This is an ideal opportunity for:

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Existing Telco

A partnership with Telcoinabox supports your ‘white label’ telco, enabling you to operate your own branded business. You benefit from our combined purchasing power, while choosing your business model and determining your own pricing structure. You can use us for one or two products or a complete ‘end to end’ model, confident that we’re always there with advice and support. This is an ideal opportunity for:

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Expand Existing Business

Telcoinabox enables you to fast track to the next level. We help you create new recurring revenue streams and add value for your customers, or members, by expanding to offer telco services. We enable you to develop and operate your own branded business, choose your business model and determine your own pricing model. This is an ideal opportunity for:

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Inabox MD petitions Turnbull on data retention

Inabox MD Damian Kay has revealed how he petitioned communications minister Malcolm Turnbull on data retention legislation, warning that the murky costs and complexities of the scheme could be unmanageable for hundreds of smaller retail service providers. Kay is concerned that the smaller telcos making up a vital part of a competitive industry are simply not being represented in Canberra – and that, unless taken off the table and reworked, the legislation is doomed to “failure and turmoil.” Kay told CommsDay that, while wholesaler Inabox has been engaging in the formal consultation process around the retention scheme via the Communications Alliance, he also contacted Turnbull directly near the end of last year. read more

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